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Recommended Partners & Suppliers

Wedding Planning can be a daunting task. With so many suppliers who do you choose and trust to deliver the quality and vision of your perfect day.  I have listed below trusted and quality suppliers.

(more will be added very soon this is currently work in progress.)

My Ireland Tours

My Ireland Tour's Iconic Northern Ireland Tours introduce you to the culture and countryside of the six counties. Immerse yourself in the lives of its people, experience the enchantment of the wild norther coastline, and unwind in the luxury of our hand-picked four-star hotels

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<a href=""> Receptive Operator Ireland</a>

Wedding Singer

Sarah Richmond is from Carrickfergus and adds a touch of class to any event. Make your occasion extra special with a soloist known for emotional engagement and vocal warmth, who has performed with the world's best conductors.​

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