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Tips and ideas for Winter weddings

Winter is fast becoming a popular time of the year to get married. Not only is it cheaper (or should be) but it is such a cosy heartwarming time of the year. It certainly is a time of the year that I love! So to get you started here are my top tips to get you through your winter wedding plans.

1. Keep Warm!

Don't forget quite a lot of time may be spent outside taking photos or travelling from venue to car. Don't be afraid to dress in long sleeves and full length skirts with tights and boots underneath! your maids will fully appreciate it.

There is nothing worse than seeing red hands and noses in the pictures so keep everyone cosy with matching gloves and fur or even a glamorous full length and stylish coat for the bride.

2. Colour Schemes

There are of course the traditional options for the season of red and green but why not make it a bit different and more opulent to go for deep rich versions of Marsala and forest green.

Other fabulously seasonal options are golds, silvers, crisp white or icy blue and navy. Needless to say darker opulent colours do go so well with the cosy warm opulent vibe of the season.

3. Hairstyle

Pick a hairstyle that will last through the weather. Your hairstyle might take a beating through snow wind or rain so make sure you have extra hairspray or clips handy and make time for that all important touch up and someone on hand that can do this! a gorgeous up do or curls all look fab throughout this season.

4. The sun sets earlier

If you want to make the most of the daylight start your ceremony earlier. try booking your celebrant for no later than 1pm to give yourself the best part of the day.

Make sure your photographer makes the most of the natural light. Failing that make sure ahead of time that you have lots of indoor options and make use of the artifical light. Perhaps your photographer can stay later to get fabby pics of lanterns and fairy lights or sparklers later on in the evening.

5. Place settings & favours

The traditional options of pine cones or candy canes are a festive addition to the table and one your guests will love but some other options can certainly add a unique and special spin on your day. Nothing says the winter/festive season more than a ferrero rocher or a mince pie! Some other favourite also include: Personalised lip chap, egg nog lollipops, snowball cakepops or gingerbread men!

6. Sparkler send off

Take advantage of the earlier nights to have a dazzling photo opportunity and some easy fun for your guests. Either give them out as favours for your guests or leave them in a jar by the entrance. Round everyone up together for a group photo opportunity and make your wedding feel special.

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